At FSQuals we write and develop E-Learning solutions to improve English, Maths and ICT skills. Our products are designed to meet Functional Skills Criteria, but are also suitable for any other skills improvement programmes.

We have been established for 10 years in the E-Learning industry and our solutions are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world. So, if you decide to become a FSQuals Customer, you will be in extremely good company.

Many people from all walks of life are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. FSQuals supports organisations and individuals to improve their skills, increase their confidence and fulfil their potential.

Benefits of online Functional Skills learning

Accurate assessment of a learner’s skill level – The Initial Assessment allows you to understand the learner’s current working level and dynamically adjusts the level according to the results.

Personalised learning pathway – The Diagnostic Assessments are designed to be taken after the Initial Assessment, this provides the learner with a Personalised Learning Pathway to fill their gaps in knowledge.

Effectively prepares learners for their English and maths examinations – Our comprehensive e-Learning solution is made up of 5 core areas that work together to create a fully integrated platform for online learning.

Monitor learning progress efficiently – In-depth tracking and reporting enables learning providers to measure progress effectively.

Encourages personal development and self-motivated revision – The ability to access  revision resources on tablets, PCs and mobile devices encourages learners to develop their vital life skills outside of the classroom environment.

Why choose EDQuals?

  •  BETT Awards Finalist 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Established for 10 years
  • Recognised internationally for our outstanding assessments and resources for literacy and numeracy
  • One of the UK’s leading eLearning solution provider for schools and colleges

Our Ethos

FSQuals has been developed to help learners to achieve their potential by focusing on the areas where they need most support, allowing them to gain the confidence to succeed. As a by-product of this, FSQuals helps education providers to improve success rates and inspection results. We are passionate about ensuring that our eLearning solutions continue to fulfil this ethos, and always will.



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