With the new more rigorous curriculum, the FS Quals resource aims to bridge knowledge gaps and increase understanding in order for your learners to become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics and English.

Any learner can access THE PLATFORM anywhere and at any time to develop their knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects and improve their literacy skills.

Our resource aims to develop your learners’ literacy skills taking into account their current literacy levels so you can target areas an individual learner needs to develop.

From basic spelling to forming complex sentences, your learners are able to develop their skills at a pace that suits them, whether this is placed in their own personal pathways or accessed through independent, structured and individual learning pathways.

We have the following available:
• 350+ Online English lessons
• 350+ Online Maths lessons
• 10+ Online Maths Practice Exams
• 10+ Online English Practice Exams